The demand for technology in all aspects of the workplace continues to grow as employees become more comfortable with and accustomed to technological change. For top talent, it is almost expected that their workplace be equipped with the latest in technology—and HR is no exception. Using the power and efficiency of technology to advance HR initiatives is a booming trend that we foresee continuing to rise.

To wrap up the month of August, we’ve pulled together articles from around the web that offer insights into the new ways technology will play a larger role in HR. Let’s dive in:


1 in 3 Employees Say Their Home Has Better Technology Than Their Office 

In this Human Resources Online article, Aditi Sharma Kalra shares key findings on employees’ perception of technology. She states that workers surveyed across all ages have shown interest in working in a smart and technologically advanced workplace, with more than half expecting to work in a smart office within the next five years. Millennials in particular are more likely to quit a job that comes with substandard technology and 82 percent of them believe that workplace technology would influence their decision to accept a new job.

The Latest Trend in Keeping Employees Happy? Tech Tools

Chicago Tribune reporter Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz discusses the newest technology tools that can help HR managers improve employee engagement. She explains that productivity tools like mobile apps and engagement software “encourage employees to interact, so people feel they have a voice and that their concerns are addressed in real-time…If we can give them that option we know that it will come back with a return on investment."

7 Ways Cloud-Based Technology is the Future of HR Software 

The future of HR technology, according to Dhruv Patel’s article, can be found in the cloud. Patel discussed seven ways HR managers can benefit from cloud-based technology. Global engagement and branding, ease of use, and data security are among the benefits as Patel states “human resource management is the bedrock foundation of any successful business and plays a key role in the efficient handling of recruitment, employee relations, compensation, training, tax calculations and payroll processing. The adoption of cloud-based HR computing is a game changer which can pave a new path for the agility, speed and adeptness of mundane HR functions.”


There is no doubt that technological modernization can improve the productivity and efficiency of a business. But it’s equally important to recruiting and retaining talent as expectations about workplace technology continue to rise. HR managers who are prepared to utilize and implement the latest in tech tools are better able to monitor engagement and employee satisfaction, which can influence a company’s bottom line. Simply put: today, effective HR starts with technology.

25 August 2016

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