Workers may find themselves in a state of shock after a layoff, and taking time to heal a bit can be beneficial, says human resources expert Ian Ziskin. But he says too much down time can hamstring a job search, which Ziskin said should be approached just like a job.

A member of RiseSmart’s Strategic Advisory Council, Ziskin is the author of “Life in the Slow Lane—Lessons Learned for the Bumpy Road Ahead.” In it he warns that all too often job seekers become discouraged with their search and disappointed in their lack of employment. Not continuing with normal day-to-day routines only serves to amplify feelings of hopelessness and apathy.

To combat this, he says, “Approach the job search as an important, full-time job, and people will treat you like you already have one.”

Ziskin suggests crafting a schedule with planned activities, phone calls, and meetings. “Even if you plan to take the day off, identify your errands or activities so you feel a sense of accomplishment,” he recommends. That sense of accomplishment is key to continuing your job search momentum.  Keeping diligent with your routine activities will lead to persistence in your job search.

RiseSmart, the leader in next-generation outplacement services, provides a variety of resources to optimize a job search. With services such as a personalized job portal and one-on-one coaching, RiseSmart’s Transition Concierge solution can ease some of the worry and help guide participants through a career transition.

So while it is OK to take time to regroup after a layoff, Ziskin says one should not get too comfortable before getting to work on a job search. “Once started,” he said, “pursue things with an aggressive, ‘get it done today’ mindset.”

19 June 2012

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