Halloween doesn’t just have to be for kids. Every year many workplaces celebrate this holiday by creating a fun environment for their employees. Check out these ideas for planning an office party that will motivate your co-workers to have fun and ultimately improve employee engagement.

Bring Food. Organize a potluck by asking your co-workers to bring small appetizers and desserts. By doing so, employees can get a sense of ownership in the planning process – not to mention that taking a short break from work is always a great perk.

Give Back. Consider getting involved in your community for Halloween. Host a “trick or treat” session in the afternoon where local elementary students can visit your office and get candy. If your office space cannot handle a large number of visitors, consider taking a trip to your local children’s hospital. These kids don’t typically have the luxury to “trick or treat” and often miss out on this childhood tradition. Solve that by taking tons of candy, dressing up in funny costumes, and make some kids smile.

Dress Up. Let your employees’ personalities shine, but set guidelines for appropriate Halloween costumes. Remember to reward the employee with the best (or most creative) costume. Fun gifts can include gift cards to great restaurants or coffee shops.

Game Time. Initiate games and activities that will encourage coworkers to mingle and have some fun together. Some ideas include:

  • Halloween 101 trivia
  • Candy corn contest (guess the number of candies in a jar)
  • Mummy-making contest (all you need is a person and some tissue paper)
  • Pumpkin carving contest (this can get messy – so choose the location of the contest wisely).

Pick a Theme. Every Halloween party needs a theme that is both fun and work appropriate. Themes can be simple, such as orange and black, gothic, fall harvest or based on a movie, book or TV show. Select some fun and affordable office decorations and you’ll be set!

26 October 2012

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