RiseSmart adds staff and services to deliver career transition solutions in one of Europe’s largest outplacement markets

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 18, 2018 — RiseSmart, a Randstad company and one of the world’s largest outplacement providers, has expanded its multi-continent presence to include France. In addition to Asia Pacific, France now joins Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg in providing RiseSmart’s signature “3:1” outplacement programs, including a dedicated career coach, a professional resume writer and an expert job sourcer for every program participant. RiseSmart’s contemporary outplacement services are supported by fully-localized SaaS and mobile platforms for HR and employees. With RiseSmart Insight®, HR departments in France now have greater transparency into the progress of their impacted employees, improved reporting and a view into alumni sentiment.

Each year in France, over 400,000 employees leave their jobs voluntarily in common agreement with their employers to take the next step in their career. On the other hand, if a company employing more than 1,000 employees initiates a social plan, outplacement programs of four months minimum are mandatory to support impacted employees. RiseSmart France provides outplacement support for both of these scenarios.

"At a time when mobility is an essential component in the lives of employees, RiseSmart makes professional transitions easier. We combine learning technologies – which personalize the search for opportunities – with human consulting to guide each workplace restructuring event and increase the employability of candidates. For the candidate, it is the insurance to find a job faster. For the company, it is an asset for employer brand and a way to support its employees," says Arnaud Cartier, CEO of HR Consultancy Partners, Randstad Group France.

“RiseSmart’s innovative outplacement complements the total talent continuum solutions offered by Randstad Group France. It supports our digital strategy, along with our range of digital HR solutions such as SmartData (a big data-based decision aid tool for HR) and YouPlan (an online HR planning solution). These solutions, which consist of an online platform and 1:1 coach guidance, offer the best of both worlds: physical and digital. We call it ‘Tech and Touch.’ RiseSmart offers a new vision of outplacement. It allows companies to support their employees’ career paths in a constructive way despite workforce reshaping. For the candidate, this is an effortless and efficient way to offer mobility outside the company,” explains François Béharel, CEO of the Randstad Group France.

“Today, we help companies transition employees in over 80 countries and continue to broaden our international footprint with solutions tailored to local laws, customs and norms,” said RiseSmart Vice President of International Strategy, Kevin Gounden. “In Australia and New Zealand, our customer base has already grown by 35 percent and program registrations have risen by 20 percent since the beginning of the year. Customers are seeing the bigger impact, faster results and unmatched value realized by RiseSmart’s solutions,” he continued.

About RiseSmart

RiseSmart, a Randstad company, is the leading provider of contemporary career transition services for organizations in more than 40 industries and 80 countries. The first outplacement and redeployment provider to recognize, and respond to, the new Employee Relationship Economy, RiseSmart’s “beginning to beginning” approach combines dedicated career coaching and personal branding with patented technology and tools to support transitioning employees. RiseSmart partners with HR teams and provides onsite support, specialized training and secure reporting in a results-oriented approach.

Founded in 2007, RiseSmart delivers landing rates exceeding 80 percent and time-to-placement 60 percent faster than national averages. The company has earned awards and recognition from more than a dozen organizations, including Bersin by Deloitte, Gartner Inc., the Brandon Hall Group and Fortune magazine. For more information, visit www.risesmart.com.

Media Contact:
Nicole Paleologus, SSPR

18 September 2018

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