With the ever-increasing utility of the Internet, transitioning workers have moved from pounding the pavement to scouring the World Wide Web. Today’s job searches are not hindered by a lack of information but rather the daunting amount of it. The key to conducting a successful job search is efficiency, says Sanjay Sathe, founder and CEO of RiseSmart, the leading provider of next-generation outplacement solutions.

Sathe detailed the following four tips to making the most of a job search:

  1. Decide what to search. When starting out a job search, just jumping on a job board can be exhausting. “Before you even start to sift through postings, begin by identifying the vital elements of your dream job. Decide on keywords and phrases to help narrow down your search,” Sathe suggests. “Being aware of what you want in your next career move and pinpointing these keywords can allow you to tailor your search and ultimately save you valuable time.”
  2. Make a schedule and stick to it. During a job search, it can be easy to reason that spending more time and effort will yield a greater reward. While putting in ample time is crucial to a job search, quantifying a search by hours spent or number of applications sent can be a trap. “Along with your list of detailed keywords and phrases, create a schedule detailing the amount of time you will spend searching each day. As the search grows, include phone calls and meetings in your daily schedule,” says Sathe. “Sticking to this schedule can help keep you from mindlessly scanning the Web.”
  3. Use social media accounts effectively. While LinkedIn has been the go-to social media for professionals in search of new positions -- and one can make valuable connections with LinkedIn -- it is important not to discount other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Whichever medium is preferred, the first step to using social media efficiently is to let connections know you are looking. “People, generally, are willing to help. You just have to let them know how,” says Sathe. “Update your status with a link to your resume or send a private message to connections in your field letting them know just what you are searching for. Customizing lists can be a helpful way to connect with people in a certain field without overloading the rest of your connections,” Secondly, social media sites can be a great way to connect with companies of interest. “With more and more professionals moving to the Internet, many companies have taken to posting openings on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Connecting with these companies can be a quick way to learn of open opportunities,” explains Sathe.
  4. Create a personal website. This can be an effective way to turn the searcher into the searched. “Your personal website should include a bio, an online portfolio and contact information,” suggests Sathe. “This will not only give recruiters a chance to look at you but it can be a link to pass on to social media contacts as well. Condensing that information into one site is an efficient way to keep track for you as well as hiring managers.”

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RiseSmart is the leading provider of next-generation outplacement solutions. The company leverages a cloud-based technology platform, proven methodologies and one-on-one support to help employers with their workforce strategy, and displaced employees with their career strategy. RiseSmart drives significant ROI to organizations by offering affordable pricing while reducing unemployment insurance taxes and severance costs. RiseSmart has received a wide range of awards and recognition from organizations including Bersin by Deloitte, the Best in Biz, Gartner Inc., the Golden Bridge Awards, LAROCQUE, the Momentum Index, Red Herring, the San Francisco Business Times, SiliconIndia, the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, the Stevie Awards and TIE.

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09 August 2012

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