RiseSmart’s Big Game Predictor has achieved a 74 percent accuracy rate over past 38 years

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 30, 2019 — The current employment rate in Boston suggests the New England Patriots will take this year’s National Football League Championship according to RiseSmart, a Randstad company and one of the world’s largest outplacement and talent mobility firms. According to the company’s Big Game Predictor, the football team whose fan base enjoys a lower unemployment rate, or greater economic prosperity, is more likely to take home the Lombardi Trophy. The Big Game Predictor boasts a 74 percent accuracy rate over the past 38 championship games.

“Cities that keep people employed or are able to get people back to work quickly are happier and more satisfied with life, injecting enthusiasm into community building activities like sports,” said Karin Bootsma, vice president of marketing at RiseSmart. “The Big Game Predictor shows you cannot underestimate the impact that employment has in all aspects of our lives.”

This is the ninth consecutive year RiseSmart has issued its Big Game Predictor, which is based on unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This year, Boston has a 2.4 percent unemployment rate, while Los Angeles is nearly double at 4.2 percent, making New England the clear favorite.

A look at predicting Big Game 53:

The team with the lowest unemployment rate has won 28 of the past 38 Big Games. The lesson? Never underestimate the power of having a job.

Big Game Winner Jobless Rate (%) Loser Jobless Rate (%) Correct
1981 Oakland 5.6 Philadelphia 6.8 Y
1982 San Francisco 6.1 Cincinnati 8.7 Y
1983 Washington 5.8 Miami 10.1 Y
1984 L.A. Raiders 9.7 Washington 5.2 N
1985 San Francisco 5.3 Miami 7.8 Y
1986 Chicago 8.3 New England 3.4 N
1987 N.Y. Giants 5.5 Denver 6.6 N
1988 Washington 3.2 Denver 7.2 Y
1989 San Francisco 3.6 Cincinnati 5.1 Y
1990 San Francisco 3.3 Denver 5.4 Y
1991 New York 5.5 Buffalo 5.3 N
1992 Washington 4.6 Buffalo 7.2 Y
1993 Dallas 6.9 Buffalo 7.5 Y
1994 Dallas 6.1 Buffalo 6.8 Y
1995 San Francisco 5.9 San Diego 7.1 Y
1996 Dallas 4.8 Pittsburgh 6.0 Y
1997 Green Bay 3.4 New England 4.1 Y
1998 Denver 2.9 Green Bay 3.3 Y
1999 Denver 2.9 Atlanta 3.3 Y
2000 St. Louis 3.5 Tennessee 2.9 N
2001 Baltimore 3.8 New York 4.4 Y
2002 New England 3.6 St. Louis 4.6 Y
2003 Tampa Bay 5.6 Oakland 6.2 Y
2004 New England 5.7 Carolina 6.3 Y
2005 New England 5.0 Philadelphia 5.1 Y
2006 Pittsburgh 5.2 Seattle 5.0 N
2007 Indianapolis 4.4 Chicago 4.5 Y
2008 New York 4.4 New England 4.1 N
2009 Pittsburgh 5.1 Arizona 5.3 Y
2010 New Orleans 6.5 Indianapolis 8.7 Y
2011 Green Bay 7.7 Pittsburgh 8 Y
2012 New York 8.5 New England 6.6 N
2013 Baltimore 7.2 San Francisco 8.1 Y
2014 Seattle 5.9 Denver 6.7 Y
2015 New England 5.4 Seattle 5.3 N
2016 Denver 3.9 Carolina 5.4 Y
2017 New England 2.4 Atlanta 4.8 Y
2018 New England 3.0 Philadelphia 4.4 N

About RiseSmart:

RiseSmart, a Randstad company, is the leading provider of outplacement and talent mobility services for organizations in more than 40 industries and 80 countries. As a strategic business partner to businesses across the globe, RiseSmart delivers industry-leading results and lifetime support to HR teams and employees. Through innovative methodologies and a blend of high-touch and high-tech delivery, RiseSmart’s contemporary approach empowers companies to move talent into, within, and out of their businesses with ease. With a 98 percent satisfaction rating and landing rates exceeding 80 percent, RiseSmart has been able to help its customers improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and generate greater growth and profitability. Founded in 2007 and now a top global firm, RiseSmart has earned awards and recognition for innovation and company culture from more than a dozen organizations, including Bersin by Deloitte, Gartner Inc., the Brandon Hall Group and Fortune magazine. For more information, visit www.risesmart.com.

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30 January 2019

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